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  • Tops


    Hypoallergenic - The eco-friendly bamboo fibres do not irritate the skin. Gentler than many manmade fibres, bamboo is a natural solution for those with sensitive skin


    Supremely soft and silky and luxurious to the touch – Envelop yourself in truly unparalleled comfort


    Breathable and thermo-regulating – Stay comfortable whatever the weather; keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter


    Wrinkles Less – Compared to fabrics like linen and cotton. If you don't like ironing then these bamboo dress shirts are right for you


    Anti-bacterial –  Bacteria does not live well in bamboo clothing as bamboo is a natural pest resistant plant. The clothes don't get as smelly ! Just let the clothes air out if you don't have time to wash


  • Pants


    Black, Navy Blue and Formal Grey are made with a specific fabric that give them a bit of stretch so they don't restrict your movements


    Compliment your body with tailored suit pants rather then straight all the way down


    Non-restrictive - The blend of fabric made to use 3 of the 5 suit pants make it comfortable and easy to move around in. Notice by bending at the knee


    Tailored all the way down - Only well dress men know how important the fit of the clothes must be, a tailored look is for every man


    Specifically cut a certain length to either show off your long socks or go with the sockless look


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Meet our customers

Samu Kerevi
Professional Rugby Player

I first questioned "made from bamboo"? And then I tried on the shirts and man are they comfortable, there is nothing out there like it. More people need to know about this because they are missing out! I'll definitely be back for more!

Ben Lynagh 
DKM Group
Brisbane, QLD

I live in the hot and humid climate of Queensland which limits my shirt choices when working in an office environment. Luckily, I found Cash Berry’s bamboo line, offering a shirt no other brand is able to match in terms of comfort or style. The shirts are suitable for both Monday to Friday office work, as well as socialising on the weekends, making them a must-have for all men. I have been exceptionally pleased with not only the quality of Cash Berry’s products, but also the outstanding customer service.

Sahil Bhandari
Sydney, NSW

I received the Cash Berry shirt and boxers and absolutely loved it! The bamboo shirt feels amazing and is extremely light. I look forward to getting more shirts from Cash Berry

Andrew Bunnell
Account Executive at Houston Chronicle Media Group
Marketing and Advertising
Houston, Texas 77019

Ever since I found out about Cash Berry through Instagram I just had to order some. Shipping to Houston was $15 but I used to pay $80 - $180 per dress shirt anyways so it still worked out better for me! Have been recommending these shirts to everyone at work!

Charlie Fetoai
Business Development Manager
Queensland, AUS
Everyone at work compliments me on the shirts :) If only I knew about this brand earlier, I wouldn't have bought so many other work shirts from other brands!


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